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Method for using wine cabinet

Wine is Chen's incense "This sentence is not entirely suitable for red wine. The life cycle of each red wine is different. Red wine is different from other alcohol, with the shelf life is not to reveal its true meaning, and indeed, the wine has a certain Life cycle, he was the same as people to experience the birth, childhood, youth, middle age, old age and death, we often see the red wine in the market the vast majority of the best after the purchase from the store after the fresh drink, There will be fresh and refreshing fruit fragrance, put a long time fruit fragrance has disappeared, the wine's life cycle are 2-3 years; therefore, the red wine storage is very important. Once saved properly, the maturity of red wine, Style, quality will have a great impact.As a storage of wine professional storage equipment, electronic wine cabinet to meet the basic requirements of wine storage, that is, the basic performance of electronic wine cabinet requirements.
1) Avoid light:
UV for the aging of red wine also has a great impact, if exposed to strong sunlight for 6 months can lead to deterioration of red wine. Professional wine cabinet with anti-UV glass door, can effectively prevent the light against the red wine.
2) shock absorbers:
Shock will accelerate the chemical reaction of red wine, the process of wine has a considerable impact on the maturity process. Professional wine cabinet internal use of precision shock compressors, work slowly, smooth, greatly reduce the vibration. And the wine cabinet inside the solid wood storage rack, but also effective absorption of vibration.
3) Constant temperature:
The best preservation temperature of red wine should be about 13 ℃. The wine cabinet has a professional precision compressor and temperature controller, the temperature control accuracy and stability are very good. And the temperature should be in a stable state, keep the temperature.
4) to keep the ventilation is no different:
Red wine in the process of Chen will produce harmful gases sulfur dioxide, and sulfur dioxide will harm the cork, and thus deterioration of wine quality. In the cellar, sulfur dioxide can be removed by natural ventilation, but in the wine cabinet this secret environment, the sulfur dioxide will accumulate. In general, ten days to open a door to let the wine cabinet ventilation, you can remove the sulfur dioxide, but pay attention to the collectors do not want to disturb the red wine every ten days long sleep, so for the air environment, the most intimate design is to install Activated carbon ventilation cycle system, so as long as every two or three years for an activated carbon, you can often keep the red wine in a good air environment Chen Fang.
5) Maintain humidity:
Appropriate humidity for the storage has a very important significance, the preservation of red wine should generally be maintained at about 60% -70% humidity. If the humidity is too high, will cause the bottle to produce mold, so that wine wine marked moldy, shedding, affecting the quality of red wine. If the humidity is not enough, the cork on the bottle will shrink, ranging from the opening of the bottle when the trouble, while the loss of sealing function, leading to air into the impact of red wine fermentation. Professional wine wine cabinet with a sound ventilation system, you can through the wine cabinet up and down the activated carbon plug to keep the air fresh, you can also through the wine cabinet temperature and outdoor temperature difference, the appropriate increase in internal humidity.