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Cupping is good for your health

1, to pull the muscles, improve pain threshold, relieve pain and fatigue, that is, when the muscle is in a state of tension, the local blood perfusion will be reduced, so that the organization to promote ischemia, but cupping cans, Long muscle, increase blood perfusion, increase the local pain threshold, and then make the muscles relax, re-reserve the required energy.
2, drug addiction, promote wound healing, attracted by the negative pressure of cupping, will help local pus, bacteria produce toxins and other adverse wound healing material excreted, but also can stimulate granulation tissue growth, and contraction Wound, and thus achieve the purpose of promoting wound healing.
3, adjust the immune function, enhance their own resistance, due to cupping caused by residual blood tissue gap, may be appropriate to activate the body's immunity, as well as the ability to clear the inflammatory substances, is a benign self-training.
4, to promote blood circulation, speed up the metabolism, which is due to cupping can make blood vessels to expand, so that local blood circulation becomes better, and thus promote the waste, toxins accelerated excreted, but also improve the nutritional status of local tissue, provide more nutrients and oxygen To cells.
5, through the senses, to adjust the internal organs of the body function, which is the use of meridian links viscera theory, selected and organs related to the meridian along the cupping stimulation, suitable for use back and forth cans, slide and other practices, these practices on the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal Road, cardiovascular, gynecological diseases and so can play a corresponding feeling, through the sense of stimulation to help achieve the adjustment of internal functions.
We need to understand the advantages of cupping as soon as possible, but also pay attention to some taboo, the jar do not suck too tight, to avoid mistakes, but also burn the skin, causing the wound. Usually we need a comprehensive nursed back to health, but also pay attention to avoid causing bacterial infection, at the same time, pay attention to their cupping way to avoid lead to cold.